Our Story

At Nosh Noms, we love eating snacks especially while watching sports, movies, on road trips and while taking breaks on weekend hikes around the Bay Area. 

Our mission is to create new and exciting snacks that are different from what is currently on the  market today.  We have reinvented the beef jerky by working with a chef to create beef chips which are thinly sliced and provide a similar texture to your standard potato chip.  Not only that, but we have incorporated Asian inspired flavors to make your taste buds dance.

Our biltong is made by using a technique that originated in South African countries. Our meat is hung on hooks and air-dried to give the meat a slightly softer texture than traditional beef jerky while infusing tons of flavors and spice. Our biltong is made with no additives, sugar, gluten, nitrates or preservatives and are prepared in small batches. it goes great as a snack or fuel for your next outdoor adventure!